Strada: Help

This bot is powered by Strava and posts your Strava activities to Discord. It is not made by, nor is officially affiliated with Strava.



Use /strada connect to connect your Strava account and /strada disconnect to disconnect. Follow the prompts. Notifications will be sent to the channel where you connected.

Try /strada stats to see aggregate stats in the current channel for the past 30 days.

Stop syncing activities with /strada set sync false and resume with /strada set sync true (default). Publish private (only you) activities with /strada set private true or hide them with /strada set private false (default). Publish followers only activities with /strada set followers true (default) or hide them with /strada set followers false.

Discord server admins can change can change units with /strada set units imperial (miles, feet, yards, and degrees Fahrenheit, default), /strada set units metric (kilometers, meters, and degrees Celcius), or /strada set units both to display both values. Change displayed fields with /strada set fields, eg. /strada set fields default, /strada set fields all or /strada set fields none. Available fields are Default, All, None, Type, Distance, Time, Moving Time, Elapsed Time, Pace, Speed, Elevation, Max Speed, Heart Rate, Max Heart Rate, PR Count, Calories, Weather, Title, Description, Url, User, Athlete and Date. Turn maps off with /strada set maps off, display thumbnails with /strada set maps thumb and full maps with /strada set maps full (default).

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